The MP9

  The MP9 is light weight, small size, folding stock and rounded edges makes this a excellent choice for police agencies and militaries which need to have a support weapon carried in the dignitary or VIP protection role, normal patrol, special units, vehicle crew members, aviators or anyone. The only true Tactical Machine Pistol today for professionals that need a lightweight, compact, ambidextrous, and easy to use weapon which will fire the easy to find standard 9mm cartridge.

The firing system is a simple operation, which means no gas tube to have clogged or locking piece to loose. It is a very clean weapon to shoot; tests of over six thousand rounds can be fired before it effects the functioning. The super light recoil impulse of this weapon is a very easy, comfortable and user friendly weapon to shoot.

  That is especially appreciated by many agencies, which are hiring a greater number of women and small stature male officers. Your fair shooters will become good shooters and good shooters will become great shooters.

The MP9 is an ambidextrous operator friendly design. The safety, charging handle, sling attachment and magazine release functions are designed to accommodate all users. The operator does not place their hand or finger anywhere near the muzzle of the weapon.

When the MP9 is open with the folded is smaller than a H&K MP5 A3 when the stock is closed. The MP9 is just 30cm. The quick opening, self-locking stock brings stable firing stock to the overall length to 52cm. It is the most compact submachine gun in the world.The foregrip is essential to maintain a good sight picture and to keep the operator`s hands and fingers well away from the muzzle of the weapon, effective consistently and safety always!


  The wave of the future for all firearms is the use of optics. The MP9 is already prepared for this by having an integrated MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail molded right into the top of the receiver. The adjustable ghost ring sight is of a made so that there are no sharp edges to get hung up on clothes or slings but will stay permanent on the weapon.

4 Technical Specifications